Friday, July 15, 2011

Quilting Taking Over The House

My husband came home from work today to the above scene and the first thing he said was "two rooms in the house are not enough for the quilting?" We are empty nesters so quilting has taken over a bit. One of our bedrooms is my sewing room with cutting table, fabric storage, and sewing machine. Then a year or so ago I started a long arm business and took over the lower level 12 X 28 foot family room for that. Today however I was going thru all my bright fabrics and pulling out pieces for Roseville Album, most of whose applique pieces are fussy cut and I got hooked on this old movie we had recorded. The television with the DVR recorder is in the living room so...I just moved the whole project out there. I did work this week on Lorrie's cute little spring quilt. She wanted some custom quilting done like I had done on the Civil War Bride Quilt, stippling with a few little dragonflies and other creatures mixed in:and a bit of stencil work in the borders:It was a fun little quilt to work on and has looked very cute in my spare bedroom waiting to be picked us this weekend.

I also got this much anticipated book in the mail this past week. Yea, International Quilt Festival class catalog! I have been pouring over all the classes and finally decided to take long arm quilt classes. We always time a fall trip to visit my son and his family in Houston during the quilt festival.

I am going to get back to my mess in the living room. You know what else my husband asked when he came home? What's for dinner...could he not see I had been working?

Happy Stitching All,



  1. Sometimes I get the same feeling. My sewing just spills out into the general living area, and makes me probably the messiest person in the house. Sssh, don't tell my family I confessed to that. I am going to Houston this year too. Do you know if there is a venue where bloggers can meet up?

  2. When I'm in a quilting frenzy and I get asked that question I always say "Whatever you are fixing us". This usually means take out as my other half can't cook anything but eggs and rice LOL. I can hardly wait to see your first Roseville block :0)


  3. Sometimes you just can't let all of those fabrics mingle together in the same room. Sometimes I take some into another room without quilting things, too. Seems like I get a better look at them?????

  4. Your hubby's comment is pretty funny!!