Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Finishes, A Trip, and A New Quilt Comes My Way

I finished Roseville Album a couple weeks ago and I was honestly so sick of it I did not even take any photos of the finished quilt until this morning. It is a beautiful quilt and I really like it.

It just took me a LONG time to complete, six years start to finish, and it is machine appliquéd. That is probably the reason for the length of time I much prefer hand work.

I also finished the McKenna Ryan quilt, And On This Farm, I was working on.

This was purchased as a kit and has the cutest embellishments, a little cow bell so the quilt tinkles every time I move it,

a handle on the basket

and several Apple beads sewn on the trees.

While working on this quilt another McKenna Ryan quilt came my way. This is Aurora Ridge.

Once upon a time I had a little machine quilting business and although I sold that long arm machine I still will quilt for old customers once in a while on my home sewing machine.

My husband and I also went on a camping trip thru the Black Hills of South Dakota, we had breakfast with the Presidents,

truly saw "where the buffalo roam" where ever they please,

and ended up with this as my temporary back yard view, Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming.

This was a fun campground, every evening they show the movie Close Encounters of The Third Kind (Devil's Tower has a key role in the movie if you have not ever seen it) at an outdoor theater. We were right outside the gates of the park and spent one morning hiking around the tower, stopping frequently to watch the climbers. There are four sets of climbers in this picture.

Looking down during our hike back at the campground.

There was also a group of hot air ballooners and one evening the flag was finally still enough, their signal that the wind was down and it was safe to fly.

They took off from an area in the National Monument park and landed in the empty field next to the campground.

I am not sure which hobby I think is more dangerous the rock climbers or the ballooners but it was fun to watch. I was happy to keep my feet firmly on the ground and spent many quiet evenings stitching on Celbrating Mary Brown in the camper.


Happy Stitching,



Thursday, September 8, 2016

Celebrating Mary Brown & a McKenna Ryan Quilt

Wow, I have not posted in about a month. It has been busy around here but I have been taking a few pictures of my latest quilting projects. Mostly prep work on Celebrating Mary Brown:



I have also been working on McKenna Ryan's art quilt "and on this farm"

Love the soulful eyes on this guy.

Goat is in progress and will have a quilt in his mouth

Chicken blocks

Some border appliques

And the main block of the quilt.

Until next time,