Tuesday, May 16, 2017


This month I have been on a roll with Celebrating Mary Brown.

There are a couple blocks in CMB that I have made with an English Paper Piecing technique, this works especially well if I want to do fussy cutting. After I piece the sections together by hand I starch and iron the piece, then remove the papers and press one more time and applique the paper pieced unit onto the background.

The other quilt I am working on is Panama Pyramids. I have put a nice dent in my reproduction scraps and have all the pyramid blocks cut, I try to get a couple sewn every day.


Lots of fussy cutting opportunities in this quilt also. I am anxious to start cutting the background triangles but I think it would be better to remember which side of the large background triangles is on the straight of grain and have it on the bottom edge of each row. So until I am ready to start sewing the rows together I am holding off, but here is a little preview of pieced blocks lying on the background fabrics.

Happy Stitching All,



Thursday, May 4, 2017

A New Little Doll Quilt

For the last couple years I eagerly look forward to Lori's humblequilts.blogspot.com doll quilt exchange. This is my second year participating and I received this beautiful quilt from Sue F.

Sue also has a blog so drop by to see her beautiful quilts at https://susannasquilts.blogspot.com

Sue also sent me this great fat quarter from her native New Zealand. At first I pictured fussy cutting the birds or a sheep and being used in my applique projects but I just don't know if I will ever be able to cut it :). She also made a little credit card purse that is so handy. Thank you for all Sue!

My new little quilt has joined the quilt I received last year. I am looking forward to this wall in my sewing room being covered with doll quilts.

Happy Stitching All,



Tuesday, April 11, 2017


It has been a good month with two quilt finishes, Woo Hoo!

The first is the little quilt I have made for the annual doll quilt exchange hosted by Lori on the Humble Quilts blog. (humblequilts.blogspot.com)

I made a mini pyramid quilt with some of the smaller triangle sections from the Panama Pyramid quilt I am working on.

I really like this gold fabric for the background triangles and would probably use it for my big quilt if I could find more of it.

Same with the black print for the border but they were both pulled out of my stash and I can not even remember where either of the fabrics came from. I machine quilted the little quilt, it finished up at 14 X 16 inches.

Most of my sewing time this month was spent on machine quilting Rowdy Flat Library quilt.

I kept it simple, outlining all the appliques and walking foot lines in the border, sashing, and pieced blocks.

The background fill on the applique blocks is a meandering line with a few loops to represent all the bees and bugs flight paths.

I have a couple more applique blocks finished on Celebrating Mary Brown. I have been working on the four corner sections of the quilt.


Just to break up all the leaf applique in these corner sections I found a block in the quilt with some piecing:

I have been sort of dreading this block because I am not very successful at piecing diamonds and these pieces are small for this 10 inch block.

My friend Julie came up with the great idea of paper piecing this block with just eight large diamonds and some fussy cutting. I had a fabric in mind and made some templates.

Once I had a window template made I got out the hinged mirrors I have to see what different sections of the fabric would look like.

Lots of options with this fabric.

Once I decided which design I wanted I put some registration marks on the window template and marked the cutting lines on the fabric.

Now I have 8 large paper pieced diamonds ready to stitch together and then I will applique the star onto the background.

Happy Stitching all,



Tuesday, March 14, 2017


March finds me back in Nebraska after our winter in Texas and our RV. I am enjoying my bigger sewing room, cutting table, full size ironing board, and more fabric to look through for just the right bit. I have been trimming the many blocks I worked on over the winter and sewing them together. My big finish is the Rowdy Flat Library quilt.

One of the last things I did in the camper was all the inking of the little bees and lady bugs marching around the borders.

I also have all the center blocks of Celebrating Mary Brown finished, trimmed, and sewn together.

There are two rows of 10 inch blocks that surround this center. The blue bird and sunflower blocks are the beginning of the right upper corner of the quilt.

I think I am about half way on this quilt, I am sure I will still be working on it next winter in Texas.

I plan to machine quilt Rowdy Flat and then it will probably go back in the camper. I found a cute flannel with wine corks for the backing and I think it will be a great quilt as both an extra blanket for chilly nights or just to wrap up in. We miss the beach and our winter time spent in Galveston but it is good to be home.

I look forward to spring and gardening, seeing friends and family here in Nebraska and an upcoming quilt retreat. Time flies and soon I will be thinking about the projects beside Celebrating Mary Brown to work on next winter.

Happy Stitching,



Sunday, February 12, 2017


I feel like I have mostly been doing prepping for different projects this month. There are several papercut (cut as you go) blocks in Celebrating Mary Brown. It is a fun method of needleturn applique that I enjoy. I have one finished and two more ready to stitch.

Generally you trace 1/4 of the applique pattern on freezer paper, fold it and cut it out carefully (like cutting out snow flakes). Then I iron the cut out freezer paper pattern on my applique fabric and trace around it for my needleturn lines. Remove the freezer paper and center the applique fabric on my background. I like to baste the two layers inside the applique design and it is ready to begin stitching. It works best to just cut an inch or so of the applique fabric at a time.

I also finished this pretty ruffle leaf red and green block in the Mary Brown quilt. I think I stitched the center section three times and was about to just applique a circle in the center of the block. I gave it one more try and this time the fourth time was the charm, glad there are no more of those blocks in the quilt.

After I finished that block I laid out all of the blocks I have finished this winter while living in our RV. Lots of nice weather and new campground friends to stitch with outside.

My friend Julie also came to Texas to spend a week camping with us.

Celebrating Mary Brown is actually Julie's quilt. She got the pattern and sent me her fabric background and some starter applique fabrics (we live in different states), I love to applique and am doing the applique. She is the hand quilter and the top will go to her when I am finished. She has been posting the pictures of the finished blocks I send her on the Celebrating Mary Brown Facebook group so it was fun for her to see the finished blocks in person this week.

I also have three of the four borders of the a Rowdy Flat Library quilt finished. Forgive the wrinkles, I did not iron them for this picture.

I have all of the prep work finished for the final applique border of Mariner's Compass. I have hundreds of leaves and piles of flowers all cut out with steam a seam 2 ironed on the back, all ready for raw edge blanket stitch applique. I just have not laid them out because this final border will be 94 inches long and I am just not sure I want to crawl around the RV floor to do that, if there is even room in the camper to try it. I may just have to wait until we are home and I am back to the nice long tables in my sewing room.

A friend from the campground and I traveled about an hour north to the fabulous Painted Pony quilt shop in Houston Texas last week. I just love a quilt shop that requires shopping carts.

That back room Sally is coming out of was all reproduction fabrics! Heavenly!!! I bought a variety of black with tan print reproduction fabrics.

I will be cutting out the background triangles for Panama Pyramids from these fabrics. The completed pyramid count is somewhere in the 50s with another 50 cut out and ready to sew.

So that was my final prepping project this month,

Happy Stitching All,