Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Roseville Album

I am past a big hurdle on Roseville Album. I have been on this house and tree border block for a LONG time, I just could not get past all the little leaves and circles. I am doing this quilt entirely on the sewing machine with blanket stitch applique. I enjoy the technique but the stops and starts and thread color changes can be tedious.

But this long block is finally finished and then some real momentum happened, in just a day and a half I had finished another block! Yea!

And then another couple days and another block done, Yea Yea!!

Now the center section is all sewn together and it is oh so tempting to stop and make this the end,

but there are only two more long side border blocks with trees on each side and lots of beautiful birds and then just four more corner blocks.

They are all prepped and ready to sew and hopefully the momentum and interest and fun will continue.

Happy Stitching,



Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Caswell Quilt

The Caswell quilt by Corliss Searcy is a new beginning for me. I have not had a hand applique project since I finished Auntie Green's Garden last summer and I missed doing a hand applique project. I just finished the first block and decided to tackle one of the many blocks with fern type leaves next. I usually like to use a back basting technique with needle turn applique but these fern type leaves had me a little intimidated. Luckily I remembered all of Kerry's ( wonderful applique videos on YouTube. She has one dealing with just this kind of leaf. You can find it at and search for Simple Bird Studio, she has several videos, the one dealing with this type of fern leaf is named "how to do deep inside curves with hand applique and the starch method".

After I had decided on fabrics for this next block

I set my iPad nearby and started preparing my block while watching this video. I worked my way through the leaves

and just kept watching all of Kerry's videos on YouTube.

I did some fussy cutting on the buds and itty bitty berries

and used the starch method for all of the applique pieces of this block. Now it is all glue basted on the background and ready to stitch. I like needleturn but this prepared edge is a nice change up and certainly is good for fussy shapes.

I also finished the next border on Mariner's Compas, a small 2 inch wide border with scrappy appliquéd semi circles.

Happy Stitching, Happy Spring, and a blessed Easter to all,



Friday, March 4, 2016

Mariner's Compass

After three and a half months of wintering in Texas I am back home and enjoying time in my sewing room. I put the inner border on Mariner's Compass .

then I had to trim those applique setting triangles. It is always a scary process to trim down applique blocks but those triangles were a bit of a challenge. I had to take two off and try again, I am lucky it is hanging straight after messing with those long bias edges.

The next four borders are very scrappy. First will be a scallop border and then a border of paper pieced hexagon flowers appliquéd in 7 inch pieced squares. Time to start digging in fabric.

Happy Stitching,