Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Roseville Album

I am past a big hurdle on Roseville Album. I have been on this house and tree border block for a LONG time, I just could not get past all the little leaves and circles. I am doing this quilt entirely on the sewing machine with blanket stitch applique. I enjoy the technique but the stops and starts and thread color changes can be tedious.

But this long block is finally finished and then some real momentum happened, in just a day and a half I had finished another block! Yea!

And then another couple days and another block done, Yea Yea!!

Now the center section is all sewn together and it is oh so tempting to stop and make this the end,

but there are only two more long side border blocks with trees on each side and lots of beautiful birds and then just four more corner blocks.

They are all prepped and ready to sew and hopefully the momentum and interest and fun will continue.

Happy Stitching,




  1. WOW Cheri - that's a fantastic amount of progress - it looks amazing!

  2. Looks great! You're ahead of me--I'm trying to find the inspiration to get back to it, but so far not getting there. Maybe you'll be my much needed motivation!

  3. Wow! Great progress. That house border was challenging with all those leaves and gazillion circles. With all the prepping done on the outside borders you're heading down the home stretch. I had to skip the very outside border. I was done by the time I got there. You've chosen great fabrics.

  4. Wow, wow! Beautiful. I have long admired the Roseville design but do not have the style of fabrics in my stash to even begin something like you have done.

  5. Very nice! Congratulations are moving forward with this heirloom!

  6. What an achievement - looks like many many hours at the machine! But it looks stunning :)

  7. Wow Cheri, Beautiful work. How ever are you doing those trees in the bottom border by machine? Your fabric selections are just perfect for this one.

  8. So good to see this quilt top being made! Beautiful work! I have the pattern myself for years now...still didn't start it. May be use your method of stitching you use a fusible stabilizer? And perhaps Fraycheck?

  9. Just BEAUTIFUL!! I've always wanted to make this pattern but my appliqué skills leave much to be desired and I would have a terrible time with choosing the fabrics. I really like your method of using the sewing machine to stitch it down (but I can see where it would take longer to change the thread). I'm with Annemieke wondering if you use a fusible stabilizer? Just a wonderful, beautiful job. Well Done!!