Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy 4th of July

It is definitely summer in Omaha, we have had 100+ weather the last couple days.  I looked at the long range forecast on my phone ap this morning and it said for the next 7 days:  97, 97, 97, 97, 97, 97, 92.  In Nebraska the middle of summer is as good of quilting weather as it is in the dead of winter,  just a good idea to stay indoors.   We have nothing to complain about considering the weather related problems of the gulf coast with their recent tropical storm and 20 inches of rain over the last week, and Colorado where it is so dry and they have major fires burning and destroying hundreds of homes.  I am glad to be in the middle.

Two more applique blocks are completed.  The Golden Hine ( Ladies of the Sea -Sue Garman pattern) is from 1577.  It is an English ship and was the first ship to sail around the world with Sir Frances Drake.  The red and green block was based on a block from the Circuit Rider Quilt (pattern by Jenifer Dick).  Both of these blocks were a little difficult, the ship block had SO many rigging lines, and the red and green block is just odd to me, not really symetrical.

I just opened my latest purchase from an online quilt store.  This usually gives my heart a little excited flutter, but I am sorry to say that I am now buying needle threaders in bulk.

Happy 4th of July everyone, have a great week!

Friday, June 22, 2012

A Best of Show Ribbon for my Buddy

Fun weekend in Omaha for quilters, it is our local guild's annual quilt show.  My very good friend Leslie won a best of show for hand quilting award.  She handquilted on both sides of her embroidery lines in this little quilt, she did such a good job.  The quilt also won a blue ribbon for it's catagory, her embroidery and all of her hand work is phenominal. I love this picture of her,
  a well deserved award.

I had my quilt Bella Garden in the show and won a 2nd place ribbon in an applique catagory. The other couple pictures I wanted to share from the show were these  t-shirt qults. I thought it was unique to include the uniforms of these brother's quilts

I am having fun working on the red and green album.  I have a couple more blocks completed and  had snapped a picture of the first nine blocks together on my cork wall. 

We are enjoying a great laid back summer here in Omaha, happy stitching all!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June Free Motion Quilting Lesson

The information at the Free Motion Quilt Challenge just continues to be so good.  This months instructor is Cindy Needham.  She has prepared a wonderful lesson available right now thru June 30 over at SewCalGal.  I did more of this months lesson on scratch paper than actually on my machine so I only have the above small picture.  This is a short post but the lesson can be printed out and it is really good,  even if you do not have time to do the challenge now you will appreciate having this information for when you do get to read it.

Just a few teasers:
      Cindy's favorite things ( I love reading about excellent machine quilter's notions they like to use)
      the basic three
     zentangles (to my non quilting readers--family members--google  zentangle -- this is habit forming doodling gone art)

Are you curious?  Check it out!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Churn Dash on Point

I decided to try doing a little quilt (yes Kathie, you inspired me to make a little quilt) and was playing around with little 3 inch churn dash blocks.

Why is it that they are so much more interesting when turned on point?


I needed a break from the album applique quilts I have been working on.  This was a little kit by Rachel T Pellman called Hole in the Barn Door but the block is a churn dash to me.  It was fun to complete a quilt in a weekend and I have been inspired to get out my book Little Quilts All Through the House by Alice Berg, Mary Ellen Von Holt, and Sylvia Johnson.  There are a lot of quilts in that book that would be really quilt in reproductions fabrics. .                                 

Happy Stitching!