Wednesday, August 14, 2013

And They Sinned update

I am working steadily on And They Sinned (Examplar Dames Design) . I am off work for a month after a little foot surgery, so I am getting a lot of stitching completed. As I stitch each motif I realize how much thought went into this design. The top of the design represents heaven in my mind, the little cherubs are fighting off the snakes with their swords. Next comes the sky above the garden of Eden with many birds and stars.

The tree has several different fruits on it, seven of each symbolizing the seven deadly sins. Eve is holding the 7th apple, it looked sort of like a dumbbell to me but it finally came to me that there is a bite taken out of the apple.

After I add the leaves in the tree and the wing to the angel I will have completed page one of this 3 and a half page design. Each section of the sampler has such different designs it is really holding my interest, so for now I stitch on.