Friday, November 20, 2015

This and That

I have been working on the corner applique blocks of my Mariner's Compass quilt.

Each basket is a little different and I tried to fussy cut a flower motif in the center of each one.

I still need to cut down the triangles and add a small inner border around the compass but then the applique corners will be added.

Earlier this year I posted these two wool blocks that I had done for a donation quilt my small quilt group was working doing.

The quilt is finished! It is 64 x64 inches and all wool. It will be auctioned off at the Omaha Quilter's Guild Christmas party to benefit local children's services.

I hope it makes lots of money!

I also have the top finished from my Stonefields quilt.

I sized it down a little from an 11x11 grid of center blocks to a 10 X 10 and 2 rows of hexagon flowers in the border instead of 3.

This past week I was making some Christmas sugar cookies to put in the freezer. I included a couple Dinosaur cookies for the grandkids and snapped a picture to text one of my girlfriends what I was up to on this particular day. Now when I look at that picture I have to smile as it looks like T Rex is going after the doves.

I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving,



Sunday, November 1, 2015

Foxes and Dinosaurs

October has flown by but I managed to complete two quilts for my grandsons this month. The month started out with a trip to the American Quilt Society show in Des Moines Iowa. While there I took a class on machine quilting with Sharon Shambler where we focused on background filling, especially circles. Little did I know this new machine quilting skill would come in very handy later in the month.

A couple weeks later I went to my local guild's annual fall quilt retreat, Camp Wannamakeablankie. Our first order of business was to make the schlep bags hanging on the wall for a charity project.

These bags are made for foster kids who suddenly get moved and their possessions are just thrown in plastic garbage bags. One of our group members is a school nurse in the local public schools who knew a young girl about to age out of foster care. This young girl was collecting used backpacks and small suitcases for these foster children sometimes known as garbage bag kids. It is always nice to be able to put our fabric stashes to a good project.

After the schlep bags were done I started working on a quilt for my two year old grandson for Christmas. This pattern is called Fancy Foxes by Elizabeth Hartmen.

The glasses on the fox were what caught my attention, I frequently (always) wear reading glasses while I stitch and park them on top of my head like a headband when I don't need them. My grandson loves to reach those glasses out of my hair and have me put them on. He conversely likes to take his Grandpa's glasses who wears his all the time and move them to the top of his head. So this quilt has a grandpa and grandma fox complete with glasses.


I found this cute fox fabric for the back of the quilt and had enough left over to make a pillowcase.

My seven year old grandson has always loved dinosaurs and this past summer his parents decided he was old enough to see the Jurassic Park movie. A couple weeks ago he told me he wanted a dinosaur quilt for Christmas, a Jurassic Park dinosaur quilt, which meant scary dinosaurs. What is a Grandma to do? There are no patterns for this. I ended up buying a Jurrassic park comforter at Walmart. I completely took it apart (which not surprisingly took less than an hour) and layered the top with a good cotton batting and cotton backing fabric and requilted the whole thing. Now those circles from the Sharon Shambler class come into play, they make great dinosaur skin.

The rest of the quilt was just outlining the pictures on the top

then I filled everything else with clouds or long blades of grass to give it a jungle feel.

Whew! October done and two Christmas presents done :)

Happy Stitching,