Friday, November 20, 2015

This and That

I have been working on the corner applique blocks of my Mariner's Compass quilt.

Each basket is a little different and I tried to fussy cut a flower motif in the center of each one.

I still need to cut down the triangles and add a small inner border around the compass but then the applique corners will be added.

Earlier this year I posted these two wool blocks that I had done for a donation quilt my small quilt group was working doing.

The quilt is finished! It is 64 x64 inches and all wool. It will be auctioned off at the Omaha Quilter's Guild Christmas party to benefit local children's services.

I hope it makes lots of money!

I also have the top finished from my Stonefields quilt.

I sized it down a little from an 11x11 grid of center blocks to a 10 X 10 and 2 rows of hexagon flowers in the border instead of 3.

This past week I was making some Christmas sugar cookies to put in the freezer. I included a couple Dinosaur cookies for the grandkids and snapped a picture to text one of my girlfriends what I was up to on this particular day. Now when I look at that picture I have to smile as it looks like T Rex is going after the doves.

I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving,




  1. I love your corner baskets of flowers - lovely applique! What a gorgeous wool quilt - it is sure to raise lots of money. The cookies are very fun. My son wanted to know why I never make cookies like that for him :0)

  2. Just lovely flowers in the basket--such beautiful workmanship...hugs, Julierose

  3. Cheri, your applique is gorgeous and will look incredible when it's all together. The wool quilt that your group made is wonderful as well. I hope it brings in some big bucks for a worthy cause. Your Dino's do look hungry!

  4. Your work is gorgeous. Love the applique design you're using.

  5. ......and Stonefields is beautiful. Will you quilt it yourself?

  6. What charming applique corners. And the circles on the compass are the perfect addition. Thanks for sharing your progress.

  7. Cheri your work is just beautiful as always. The cookies look yummy .

  8. Wow! Your quilts are great. I really love the Stonefields quilt! Amazing workmanship!!

  9. Beautiful applique corner blocks. Such pretty fabrics.