Thursday, September 14, 2017


I believe this may be my last blog post. I bought a new iPad and I am unhappy to learn that my blog posting app "Blogsy" is gone. Who knew apps come and go, but Blogsy is gone and after online research I do not have the ability to get the app from my old iPad to the new one.

The good news is that I am going to just move to Instagram. Find me at @underquiltedcovers. I think I am going to like mini blog posts and I am finding many of my favorite bloggers on Instagram.

I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging. It all started when I found the Civil War Bride Quilt. There was a group of quilter's who would post their progress on a blog started by Liz McMahon in Australia.

Most of the participants had their own blogs and so 7 1/2 years ago I jumped in also. Here is my first post:

I have made a LOT of new friends, from all over the world. I have learned so much about quilting and applique from reading other blogs. I have found so many new projects from blogs and blogger's block of the months and exchanges.

The Civil War Bride was a great quilt and a great beginning into the quilting blog world.

Technology and social media move ahead at lightning speed, but I am sure we quilter's will continue to find ways to share our passion.

Happy Stitching Always!




  1. I'm glad you're not stopping altogether sharing your beautiful work. I'll catch you over at IG

  2. Going to miss you. I do not do anything but blogs. Take care and happy stitching.

  3. It was so lovely to revisit your gorgeous CWB quilt!! I'm just a couple evenings of stitching away from finishing mine :0) I'm sad you're going to stop bloging - I like Instagram too but the thoughts, stories and process are hard to share there. I will definitely follow you there though - I don't want to miss out on all the beautiful stitching you do. I'm glad we got to be friends through blogging!!

  4. So sorry to see you close your blog...but do understand...I post on my blog as well as instagram so will be looking for you there. You can follow me if you like here @pwendy7 on instagram.

  5. I will miss your blog - I just loved your quilts (so beautiful!!) and the tips you shared with us. I will head over to Instagram and look for you over there! I really appreciate you letting us know how to find you! :)))

  6. I too will miss you - but thank you for saying goodbye. Some of my favourite bloggers have just stopped posting - I check every now and then but some have been silent for over 2 years. I used to wonder if something had happened to them. All the very best to you.

  7. Although I do not have a smart phone, I can follow Instagram posts on my computer. I have already found you and am following.

  8. I thought you used blogger. That is the one you had me enter. I've so far avoided Instagram. I will miss your blogs ...

  9. I have enjoyed your blog and watching what you are working on. I will have to investigate Instagram. Thanks for letting us know where you can be found,

  10. That is such a great quilt. See you in the Instaworld!

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