Friday, July 1, 2011

Ladies of the Sea

I have pulled out the Ladies of the Sea (Sue Garman pattern) and all of the sudden gotten a little momentum on this quilt. It seems like it has been all prep work on these blocks but finally I am over the hump and getting some blocks finished.
I think one of the things holding me back was the ship rigging. I started penciling them in and then I sew them on the machine with a 12 wt thread. Trimming the blocks to the final size has been a trial, the applique fills the blocks and barely leaves the 1/4 inch seam. But trimming applique blocks is always the scariest for me, I don't want to wreck it after all the work is finished.

At the quilt show last weekend I noticed this cute Alexander Henry Halloween fabric at some vendors booths and this week I got a quilt in to quilt on the long arm that uses this funky little fabric panel.

The pattern, Bouncing Borders ( is a perfect little pattern for large scale prints or to use a panel and comes in two sizes to finish a quilt.

Happy Birthday USA and have a good weekend all,



  1. Wow!! Those blocks are amazing!! Oh my goddness I'm nearly left speechless. Who knew ships could be so beautiful? You must be feeling great about them. I love the skull and crossbones- its a bit of whimsy thrown in there.

  2. Your ships are beautiful Cheri!! I would have been shaking in my boots having to square up these blocks!! How large are the blocks and how did you get them square?