Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Projects

Despite my resolve to get the two album quilts I have going completed (although there has been some great momentum on them recently) I have a couple of new projects to start. I have a friend who does not sew and has asked if I would make and quilt the Faith, Hope, and Love quilt by McKenna Ryan for her. I have a small long arm quilting business, but assembling this quilt for her is just a favor for a friend. She bought a wonderful kit with all very generous fabric cuts and the patterns and I get to keep all of the left overs! The pattern displays the 9 blocks in the wall hanging done separately and stretched over canvas frames. My friend would like this to be a whole quilt so we will have to see what I come up with.

My second project is new electric quilt software.

I was browsing thru ebay and saw this software for designing Baltimore Album Blocks. Since I know there is a future Baltimore Album quilt in me somewhere I thought this software sounded like a good idea. After a little research I found that Electric Quilt had three different applique software programs: 1920s & 1930s blocks, Folk Art Blocks, and The Baltimore Album Blocks and I decided to get all three.

Now all this ebay shopping was a little bit of putting the cart before the horse because I do not have Electric Quilt. The applique software is no longer made so it only works on the electric quilt programs from a few years ago, number 5 to be exact.

Sooooo, a little more ebay shopping and I came up with an Electric Quilt version 5. I borrowed some help books from a friend and we will see what I can teach myself. I also have one more resources, I am a member of QNN TV, an online website that has both new and old quilting TV shows for viewing. There is a 10 show series called "Do You EQ" and version 5 was the current software when this show was recorded. I just need to buckle down now and use my resources and learn.

These are my new projects, today is my day off work, I guess there is nothing left to say.

Happy Stitching All,


  1. Oh, what a great purchase. I am not confident enough of my computer skills to go down that road, but I wish I could. It would open up a whole new avenue, really, a highway. Aren't you a good friend to take on the quilt for your friend. Does she realise what she has asked from you?

  2. You are such a good friend!! There is a forum on EQ that you can go to and ask questions of the designers. They give you detailed answers to your questions and very promptly too. Here is the link: http://doyoueq.com/phpBB3/index.php

    It's been a long time since I have used that version but feel free to ask me questions too :0)