Saturday, May 4, 2013


All of my quilting focus is on machine quilting Ladies of the Sea. It is going S L O W. My corner blocks are going backward. I thought I wanted two different scales of stipple, love the micro stippling around the mariners compass. But, the larger scale stipple on the outer edge - not so much. So I have two blocks finished that I am taking out.

Frogging is my new term I have learned from the reproduction sampler blogs, it applies to quilting also, "rip it, rip it"

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  1. It may be going slow but it is so very fabulous!! Unpicking isn't much fun but you will be happier with the end result. Keep going!! I'm cheering for you :0)

  2. This looks like a real beauty--let me tell you about froggin'....I got a headache in MY noggin' from it last night!! Back to hexies for a while!! Julierose

  3. This quilt is going to be sooooo beautiful. I kinda like the two sizes of stippling but it may not be very balanced over all (which I can't see). I look forward to seeing what else you do :0)


  4. Shoot! What a pain, but I'm sure you'll be happy you changed it.

  5. not fun but well worth it when your done. This quilt is going to be amazing its on my bucket list of quilts to make, I just love it.

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