Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bento Boxes

My daughter in law is currently in Japan visiting her parents for a few weeks. I asked her what she would be doing with all of her free time and she said she had plans to meet old friends in coffee shops etc. Today she sent me the above picture, how cutes is that!

Kaori loves things like this. She likes to cook and likes to make special bento box lunches for my grandson. I have been saving some of the pictures she takes of these special lunches, these are just so sweet.

Here she is last Easter drawing on little "cuties" oranges and then placing them in plastic Easter eggs for an Easter egg hunt.

So, what do you think my Grandson said after one week of these special lunches last fall when he started preschool? He just wanted peanut butter sandwiches! Even with those instructions she still made his lunches fun.

I think I have probably shown this quilt before on this blog.

The pattern is called Bento Boxes, and the colored fabrics were all a gift from Kaori and her mother.

Her mother's friend makes kimonos and these were some left over silk scraps from some of the kimonos she has made.

It is getting a little worn but it is a well loved quilt.

Happy stitching all,

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  1. Wow, those are some impressive lunches and the coffee is just adorable!!!

  2. Wow! Amazing lunches. I'd like someone to do that for me:)
    Love your bento box quilt.

  3. those cups of coffee are so cool and amazing!
    I want lunches like those. :0)
    The quilt is fabulous.

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