Friday, April 26, 2013

Marking & Quilting

I am still here, just keeping on , keeping on. Quilting, Quilting, Quilting. I have all of the appliqués and sashing quilted on Ladies of the Sea, so now I start the background fill.

I have also been helping a young coworker, with absolutely no sewing experience, make a quilt out of her little girls baby clothes. Thank goodness for the 1/4 inch foot on the sewing machine. It is progressing nicely and she is determined to do the whole thing, piecing, quilting, and binding. You go Tish!

The sampler is also getting closer and closer and I am enjoying the change up in hand work.

So, I am hoping to have a couple completions in May.

Happy Spring all. I actually saw my first dandelion yesterday, there is hope the winter that does not seem to want to end will.


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  1. Love to hear you are making progress on the Ladies :0) How fun that your friend is making this special quilt. Her little one will love it.

    Love the sampler too!!


  2. You've made great progress on your sampler - it's wonderful. I'm always love to see progress of your quilting :0)

  3. Your quilting is coming along pretty fast!!
    Seems like spring has been slow coming here too.

  4. Hi Cheri: I am a beginning cross stitcher too (emphasis on "cross!" right now) I will have to undo my bird--he is flying one thread too low!! Aaargh! Julierose

  5. did you write those words on your sailboat block with a pen or did you applique them?
    If you used a pen can you tell me what kind you used?