Monday, December 20, 2010

Stitching Strawberries over Christmas

I am working on block 10, the strawberry block, for the CWBQ. As I look out by window and see a light cover of snow (only an inch or two in Nebraska so far) and listen to the weatherman forecast a white Christmas, these little strawberries are quite cheerful.
Note the ouchy little finger, I have been quilting for 20 years without a rotary cutting accident and last Saturday I was cutting too many thickness of fabric and toward myself - I know better - and the rotary cutter jumped right over the edge of that ruler and my little finger stopped it : (

My first thought was "this is going to take away a couple hours of my quilting time while I go to the emergency clinic". I knew I would need an updated tetanus shot and probably a stitch or two since it was quite deep and on a joint. Thank goodness for modern medicine, I did not need stitches, they glued it. Unfortunately in my non quilting life I am an ultrasound technologist and I was schedule to be in a surgery case Wednesday morning to help a surgeon with a case needing ultrasound guidance. The thought of scrubbing that finger with those little brushes brings tears to my eyes and one of my coworkers is going to cover for me.

Back to my quilting life, I have a couple customer quilts to share. I love the green and blue fabrics in this first quilt. I believe the owner told me this was the fabric featured in the Nebraska quilt shop hop this past spring.

What a great pattern to showcase this beautiful modern fabric.

This quilt was so much fun to work on, just a simple two fabric quilt. I did a feather pattern with a light gold thread that blended with the light color fabric, it just turned out so good.
Next is this flannel scrap quilt, a great way to use up your scraps, and what a great cuddly quilt.

And finally, this last minute add on to my schedule (and the culprit of my cut finger - squaring the fleece backing to this quilt) I just could not turn down this t-shirt quilt.
It was my pleasure to help this Grandmother finish her granddaughter's swim team t-shirt collection to take back to college with her in January. What a great Christmas surprise this will be. I proudly add that I did not get any blood on the quilt...

I wish you all a Merry and Blessed Christmas,



  1. What a bummer about the finger!! I've done it too and know it isn't good!! I hope it heals quickly.
    The strawberry block is so pretty. What nice work you are doing.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Cheri,

    Ooh ouch! Hopefully you will heal quickly. I have done it too, actually took quite a bit of my knuckle on a fine grater, grating nutmeg. Maybe we both need to invest in a pair of those safety gloves for quilters. VBG. Love your strawberry block, it is one of my favorites. Love seeing those wonderful quilts, they are always so inspiring and it is so nice to see other's work.


  3. Oh Cheri!! I hope your finger gets better quickly and it doesn't interfere with your quilting. I love your strawberry block!! Any reminder of summer is welcomed around here...I'm sick of snow!! LOL