Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Labor of Love

This post is hard to write, I want to be eloquent, but the words do not come easily. One of my friends recently lost her husband to cancer. We are a group of eight quilters and have been friends for years. I want to say we are to young to be widows but of coarse this is not true. We planned this quilt for Judy and Jerry to remember all the wonderful times they had in Hawaii. They loved Hawaii and were able to travel there frequently.

The blocks were blanket stitch appliqued by machine and by hand.
The fabrics are all batiks.
There are turtles in the border fabric and the turtles outlines are quilted in the background fabric surrounded by pebble quilting.
We presented this quilt to Judy last night at a little Christmas dinner party. Her daughter, also a quilter, made the label and we all signed it.

Judy, it was our honor to make this quilt for you and we hope you feel our love when you wrap yourself in it.
In loving memory of Jerry Unrein, a wonderful husband, father, and friend,
Cheri, Leslie, Cheryl, Pat, Cathy, Elizabeth, and Julie


  1. Oh Cheri what a wonderful thing you ladies did!! I know she will cherish this amazing quilt (and all of you) forever.



  2. What a beautiful gesture of friendship. She will treasure it forever. It is worked in such wonderful colors and such thoughtful touches.

    Hugs to you all,