Friday, December 3, 2010

I Love This Video & a Little CWBQ & RA work

A friend of mine sent me the link to this YouTube video, I just love it and had to share.

On the quilting frontI have been working steadily on the Civil War Bride quilt, the block I am currently doing is number 15. It looks rather plain here but the black birds have a splash of red on them that is fun. I am not doing the blocks in order, more like one with lots of little leaves, then one with bigger pieces. The finished block wall is looking good.
I actually had a whole morning in the sewing room this week and I did a little blanket stitch applique on Roseville Album. I have the next block fused and ready to blanket stitch, it has bigger pieces and I don't think this one will take me as long.

Happy Stitching all and enjoy the holiday season,



  1. WOW such beautiful work being done at your house!! Now to load up the video, go shovel snow while it's loading on my slow dial up :0)


  2. Oh my! What wonderful applique!!! it is fun to have a hand project and machine project. They are stupendous!!