Friday, July 2, 2010

To Rip Out or Not ?

This is the first day of a 5 day off from work weekend (YEA) and I can dedicate almost the whole weekend to sewing on the new machine. However, here I sit starting with a I spend hours ripping out this quilting or just move on. I started the quilting with invisible thread and the little pokies coming thru on the applique (from the white thread on the back) are driving me nuts. I am going to switch to white thread on the top and bottom - which I should have done in the first place but I did not want to use it on the applique edges. I must say the Avante handled the invisible thread quite well and on the background it looks fine, but the Type A personality in me wants all the thread to be the same. It is a learning piece, but it is a beautiful quilt top - oh what to do, what to do.

I have finished one quilt on the new machine. This is the quilt I call Sandbridge because I worked on the piecing during a wonderful week at a beach house rental at Sandbridge in Virginia. (Yes, I take my sewing machine on vacations- I wake up early and sew while the family sleeps in.) The white and beige fabrics reminded me of the sand I was surrounded by. I have since found a wonderful pantograph of waves
and beach shells etc which would have been perfect on this quilt, but I am a newbie at this. For my first effort I am pleased -even with my Type A personality.
Some of the curves are a little wonky but the spacing is good, tension was acceptable and there are no huge folds in the back so at least I have learned to load a quilt on the machine. All I need to do is hand sew down the binding. (Note to members of my small quilt group - these blocks started in my brown bag challenge a couple years back.)
Finally, a little note about the Civil War Bride, I am still on track completing about one block a month. I just added the bride to the blocks on the wall and it is coming together nicely.

Happy Independence Day weekend to all my American friends and Happy Stitching All...



  1. Cheri,

    You sound just like me. It is a very hard lesson to learn. I always work with my choice of thread on a practice piece, the same background fabric, batting, backing combo as the quilt I am going to quilt on. I have even been known to practice on a finished block that did not make it into the final quilt.
    To rip or not? That is a hard one. How far along are you? How big is the quilt? Is it a present or something that is going to keep the family warm on the couch?
    If it is just several inches(10-12), I say rip it out, you just won't be happy with it. Quite a few of us can relate with you. Hey, at least it was not half way done, like my learning experience, giggle.
    On a personal note, it does look like an appliqué quilt, hence there was probably quite a bit more time invested in creating it than say a pieced quilt. The decision is yours, whatever you decide will be perfect.


  2. Hi Cheri!

    I grew up across the street from your folks in Denver and am good friends with Dawn. She told me about your blog (mainly so she wouldn't have to read about my quilt experiences, I'm sure!) I'm enjoying it so far. Congrats on getting the longarm -- hope you enjoy it.