Thursday, July 8, 2010

Still Unsewing

There is nothing new here, not only did ripping out all the stitching take my whole 5 days off work last weekend (I did decide to rip out all the quilt stitches after quilting it a little further with a different thread color, I was just not happy with it - see previous post)- it continues on and on. No new pictures, no new projects, no further progress on the CWBQ, just sore index fingers from poking them so many times with the seam ripper and piles of little threads that have migrated all over my house. My only consolation is that this is a beautiful hand applique quilt, that my mother did a lot of the work on, and it deserves to be done right - I hate painful lessons.

Unhappy Unstitching...



  1. Cheri,

    What can I say that would cheer you up? Not really a thing, except that we have all been in your shoes. So here is wishing you speedy ripping and a new sticky lint roller to grab all of those stray threads. Can't wait to see the quilt finished, it will be just beautiful.


  2. Oh, thanks Bobbie Ashley, I knew in my heart I would tear it out when I posted the first story about it. I was just hoping it would be one of those "how I turned a mistake into a wonderful new quilt technique" stories. I am just getting used to my new machine and I have to learn the huge differences in long arm quilting and the detail work you can do, or at least that I can do, on my regular sewing machine. I have some classes scheduled and I will get better at the long arm, it is just hard to be a beginner again.
    Thanks for the encouragement!


  3. I am a new long arm owner. I am trying my first quilt and now need to unsew. I read in the manual that my tension is not right, lots of loops on the back. Should I unsew while it is still loaded on the frame? or take it off? It took hours to get it loaded! Any tricks?