Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Pushed the Button

I have admired Kim McLean's new quilt Roseville Album since I first saw it out in blogland. I have visited the website several times to see it and the close ups of the blocks. The folk art aspects really appeal to me - love those animals and birds. I am a very traditional quilter, it took me forever to accept batiks, so Kaffe Fassett is way out there for me, but this seemed like the ideal quilt to get me to stretch in new fabric directions. I have had my shopping cart filled at the Glorious Color website for several weeks, and each time I visited I just could not quite push the "proceed to checkout" button. I have two large album quilts I am currently in the middle of: Civil War Bride and Ladies of the Sea, and I do not want to stop my progess on these two quilts. If I start another new quilt I feel like I will be cheating on my bride.

Back to Glorious Color website I go, shall I "push the button"?

My goal is one CWBQ block a month and this month I am going to get two blocks done, I could get one CWBQ and one Roseville Album block done a month couldn't I?

Shall I "push the button"?

And surely I can fit in one day a month in the sewing room to get another Ladies of the Sea block machine appliqued...

Shall I "push the button"?

Along comes a new blog: much like the Civil War Bride Quilt blog, it is dedicated to those who are working on Roseville Album or just admire it and Kim McLean's quilts.

I "pushed the button"!!! Yea! I love the inspiration from other quilters in blogland, I love reading about quilters from all over the world. I am going to enjoy every stitch on this quilt as I enjoy them on the other quilts, there is no hurry. I can not wait for my package from Glorious Color to arrive.

In the meantime, the oppressive humidity has lifted out of Nebraska, my place this afternoon is my front porch with the Bird of Paradise block from the Civil War Bride. I love to sew outdoors because I can just toss my thread snips off to the side, I am sure some bird can use the threads for nest building.

Happy Sunday and Happy Stitching All...



  1. I am SEW glad you pushed the button!!! ; ) Welcome!!!

  2. Your bird block is beautiful and coming along so nicely!! I'm sure you won't regret pushing the button! I can't wait to see what you ordered.

  3. Your blocks are beautiful and these cooperative appliqueing blogs should be outlawed...LOL. I purchased the CWBQ pattern after I found the blog last fall and now I am considering a Roseville. I am never going to get caught up, but aren't they such inspiration!