Friday, June 25, 2010

A New Endeavour

I have had an informal part time hobby/business quilting for others the last couple years. I do all of my quilting on my Bernina home machine. Over the past year I have been thinking about starting a more formal machine quilting business and investing in a long arm machine. The time seemed right and I took the plunge. The new machine was delivered this past week and after much reading, watching video, and practice on some scrap yardage it was time to start a real quilt today.

I must say I have a lot of respect for long arm quilters, this is hard work. It has taken me all afternoon and evening to load the quilt, set up the pantograph, clean the blood out of the canvas leaders (from pinning my finger instead of the quilt top), and actually get started quilting.

My DH has helped set up the most wonderful room for my quilting. The lower level of our house has not been used since the kids have grown. We got rid of family room furniture and hung up quilts on those empty wall, DH replaced the ceiling lights with 96 inch fluorescent lights - I could suntan under these lights.
My little buddy, Jasper, has been guarding the doorway (sort of) all evening, wondering when I am going to come back upstairs.

Happy Stitching All...


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  1. It is so funny to read your post, this is how a was feeling about 18 month ago, have fun quilting.