Friday, June 4, 2010

Clematis are Blooming

What a difference a week makes, last week I could not stand to look out my back door, the trees were making such a mess with the seed dropping going on. This week the pool is open (albeit a slight tinge of green going on - still need to work on that today), the roses I planted this spring are learning to grow up the trellis, and the clematis is blooming. I love clematis, they are so pretty in our area and you see a lot of color varieties. It has taken me a couple years to get this one established, even when the petals drop off I think the center dried bud is just gorgeous.

Another block is completed on the CWBQ, the peacocks. They were fun and I loved the green and blue bird colors. I think the birds are really the stars of this quilt. The next block I do with birds I am going to try ultrasuede for the feet, no turning under seam allowance with that. I am currently working on the bride block and she is coming along nicely. I could spend my whole day off just sitting outside with my feet in the pool working on this quilt. However, that slighty green water would spoil the view, so guess I will go mess with pool chemicals and vacuums.

Happy Stitching All...

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  1. Cherri, I am so green. Your Clematis is beautiful. I too, love the flowers. After killing my third one, I gave up. Of course living in South Texas is very hard on plants here. As my husband says "only the strong survive, in Texas" Can you not tell he is from here? Giggle. Now, I just enjoy everyone else's. Your pool looks like so much fun. Thanks for the pics.