Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Reading - a class in applique

My good friend, quilting buddy, and frequent breakfast out date - Leslie, has collected most of Elly Sienkiewicz' Baltimore Album books. I have borrowed a couple of these in the past and paged through them, looked at the pictures and patterns and that was about it. What I did not know is that three of her books are a series in lessons on applique. Each of the books has 12 lessons and the other books have supporting patterns. I am reading through all of these books as sort of my own summer reading program. I love when I find a good series of books.

It is a lovely three day holiday weekend and I have the biggest mess in my backyard. My husband is on call all weekend, so I have most of the weekend to myself. It has finally warmed up enough here to open our little swimming pool and the trees in the backyard are dropping seeds that look like oatmeal. They are EVERYWHERE:

No way am I going to take that cover off the pool. I will just stay indoors and read my applique books.
Happy Stitching all...

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