Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Love Thread

It is with a little angst that I have to admit I have ordered a bunch of thread again. Here on my couch is the latest CWBQ block and all of my silk threads. I know, one of the advantages of using silk is you just need a couple colors and they just melt into the fabric and are hardly seen. And I have used a grey for most of the applique on the bride so far because it goes with so many of the civil war reproduction fabrics I am using, but...aren't those tubes the thread is in just the greatest? And really, what is the point of ordering empty tubes so I just got a few (11) more spools of thread also.

Fabric does not tempt me the way thread does, I never just buy fabric without a purpose just because I like the color or pattern, thread is a weakness, it is sooooo pretty, like crayons in a box.
Oh well

I have finished sewing the YoYoville top and it is now resting before the quilting starts.

Actually I am not sure how I am going to quilt the middle, usually I struggle with what I am going to quilt in borders, but I knew what I would do with these four borders when I first saw the pattern. The yoyos are the problem, I ended up hand sewing all 197 of them so they would not get crushed and I need to quilt around them. So the quilt is resting on my tables in the laundry room and every time I go to do a load of laundry I stare at it and wait for a pattern to jump out at me.

I have also finished a small quilt that a friend asked me to make for an office wall. It is a cute little patriotic quilt and it is actually the second time I have made it, a fun little project with 4th of July coming upon us.

So now with YoYoville moved to the waiting to be quilted list, and my quilts I am doing for others all completed, I am going to start doing some machine applique on Ladies of the Sea (pattern by Sue Garman). Just look at this great box of THREAD I use for it...

Happy Stitching All....

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  1. Cheri, thanks for leaving a message on my blog! I see you love silk thread, too. I use it almost exclusively now. I couldn't comment on your question on my blog, because the Viking ship is a 70th birthday present (now being properly framed) for a nice lady from Lancashine, England, who will be with us on our 40 days in the North Atlantic in June/July. The other block is for the doctor on board who worked so hard to keep my husband alive during an extended 2009 cruise to the permanent ice shelf. Both ladies read my blogs, but they don't know these blocks are for them.