Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Little of This, A Little of That

The Lake Forrest quilt is finished and it is to it's new owner. I always enjoy working on McKenna Ryan quilts, the batik fabrics are so gorgeous. The raccoons in the middle turned out so good, they just make the whole quilt come alive. Jan (the owner of the quilt) thought they looked like they were about to crawl out of the tree. It is always nice to complete a quilt and now I get to take it off my current project list.

I have been spending a little time this week on some other quilts from my list. I have the whole center of YoYoville finished.

The yoyos were fun to make, I used one of the clover yoyo makers and that really made perfect little ones. I was going to machine applique them down with invisible thread but it just crushed them. So I tacked them down by hand, they just looked better that way. So now I am machine quilting the border with a blanket stitch. I am using a cream colored sulky blendable variegated for all of the little houses. I really just wanted to save time and thread and use the same thread. I am going to do the little yoyo flower stems in green, again probably a variegated so I can just use it on all the different fabrics used for the stems.

So during the day (on my day's off work) I work on projects in the sewing room and in the evening I work on the CWBQ while talking to DH or watching TV. I am working on block 7. I just finished those bird feet, I have a gift for making clunky, chunky three toed bird feet which every bird in this quilt is going to have.

I just got my confirmation for a class I am taking this September at Baltimore on the Prairie.

I have choosen a class with Jan Carlson who is teaching a no template applique class. Maybe I will get some good tips for dealing with bird toes. Anyway, I am having fun, isn't that blue and green fabric just delicious - bird bodies are next.

Happy Stitching All....


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