Saturday, June 4, 2016

Caswell Quilt block and other applique prep

I have completed another block for the Caswell Quilt (Corliss Searcey pattern from I used a back basting technique for this block. I was not sure about the colors I had picked for the flowers

but as I finished each layer it came together in the end.

I have a few applique projects going on this summer and I seem to be doing a lot of different prep work involving insects. A swarm of little bees that are all prepped for an upcoming block on the Rowdy Flat Library quilt. Since these were small I prepped them off block with freezer paper and starch and glued their teeny tiny little wings to their teeny tiny little bodies and now I just have to applique them to the block.

And for a completely different project I have a swarm of butterflies ( do butterflies swarm???) cut out with steam a seam on the back and ready to be put on background blocks with blanket stitch.

This is why I love applique so much, there are so many different techniques to keep it interesting, back basting, needle turn, raw edge blanket stitch, off block prep, tracing, cutting, glueing etc etc etc.

Happy Stitching All,




  1. I love your Caswell blocks - and nice to see the block growing with backbasting. Sometimes you have to just 'trust' it will look right when finished! Can you believe the collective name for butterflies is a 'Kaleidoscope'?! Such a cute little swarm of bees - that must have been fun to make :)

  2. Your blocks are perfect Cheri, no doubt about that !
    Appliqué is not evident for me and i learn a lot with your work !

  3. Great projects and great blocks. I need to give back basting another try. You do it so well.

  4. Your blocks are lovely and isn't it great there are a variety of techniques. I've never tried back basting, but maybe I should, someday.

  5. Your Caswell blocks are absolutely beautiful! Your bees look darling :0)

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