Thursday, May 26, 2016

From Treasured Linens to a Quilt

I am one of those lucky quilter's who come from a long line of quilter's and stitchers. My Mom was very crafty. She knit, quilted, cross stitched, and sewed all of my sister's and my clothing including wedding dresses and veils when the time came. My sister, Dawn, recently visited from out of state and brought some embroidered tablecloths,

dresser scarfs,

handkerchiefs, and doilies that my Mom had done years ago and were just sitting as keepsakes in her cedar chest. She wanted to use these linens in a wall hanging or quilt or something. We searched through Pinterest and the internet and saw pictures of embroidered linens used in crazy quilt blocks.

With the beginnings of an idea I took my sister to her very first quilt shop visit to start looking for fabric (a very funny process as I had to explain to her that the wall samples were not for sale, they are to give you ideas of quilts to make yourself- put them back).

Two jelly rolls ( a collection of 42 coordinating 2 1/2 inch wide fabric strips) and a couple yards of a coordinating fabric later we had the start of our quilt.

My sister traveled home and I started the crazy quilt blocks. I found this ruler

which was very helpful getting me started with the blocks but I still had to make those first difficult cuts in my Mom's linens and handkerchiefs.

The blocks kept growing with their precious centers

and have become a beautiful quilt top.

Next step will be the quilting but first another trip to the quilt shop for backing fabric. Come back to Nebraska, Dawn, I miss you. We will drink coffee together in the sewing room, you with your iPad and me at the sewing machine, and share in this happy labor of love.

Happy stitching,




  1. Great idea Cheri - and how lovely that you made this together with your sister - a lovely memorial for your mother. Not easy to cut into those linens but this way they will be out of the box and enjoyed every day!

  2. I remember the Bluebirds embroidered piece and all the lovely hankies we used to play with during church as little girls, especially when mom would roll them up into babies in a cradle :-).
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. This quilt is going to be absolutely beautiful! I don't have any embroidered linens with a family connection, but maybe I could track some down at a thrift store to use and get the same effect without the emotional attachment. Love it!!!

  4. The embroidery is so pretty - I think this is a great idea! The fabrics you chose are lovely - what a beautiful wall hanging :0)

  5. Your beautiful quilt might give many people the nerve to do this with linens that have been tucked away. I can see where your new ruler would be helpful jump starting a project like this. Well done. I know it probably wasn't easy to make that first cut.

  6. This quilt is full of memories and certainly a treasure !
    You've done a great work Cheri ! Congrats !

  7. As always, Cheri. A lovely quilt and post. Still chuckle over the quilt shop with samples NOT for sale. Going to be an awesome quilt.

  8. Oh I just love how this turned out; i have a lot of my Grand-mere's embroidered dresser scarves--I will have to steal your idea and do a hanging now--more added to the list...hugs, julierose

  9. What a clever and wonderful idea. The fabrics you choose to go with the linens is just perfect. I know that first cut must have been difficult but the result is just beautiful.

  10. Wow! I love it and such a great way to treasure your moms embroidery.

  11. A beautiful project, you selected the perfect complimentary fabrics. I hope you spend time with your sister soon. Your mother did lovely work, and so do you.

  12. I love what you have decided to repurpose those very special pieces into. You have given them new life!

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