Friday, June 17, 2016

The Beekeeper Block

The first day of summer is still a couple days away but it feels like the dog days of summer here in Nebraska. Hot and humid with nothing but high 90s and even a couple 100s degree forecast days on my phone's weather app. However, these are great stay indoors and quilt days. I finished the second block of the Rowdy Flat Library Quilt mystery BOM. This was a fun block with hexagons ,

lots of little bees,

the queen bee at the top,

and even a place for my initials at the bottom of the block.

The mystery calls for 5 blocks with a pink toile fabric in the center and the toile I used in the first two blocks was just not quite my favorite.

It seemed a little blurry. After I finished both blocks I came across the same toile fabric in blue and white.

I liked this fabric way better and switched the centers out of both of the completed blocks. I did not notice until after I took this picture that I had the first block, on the left, upside down AND had stitched the new center in sideways. So, if you are counting, I have now stitched the centers in these two blocks five times.I finished up the block by inking in the legs and antennae with a Pigma pen. I was going to embroider them but made the mistake of counting how many I would have to do.

Happy Stitching All,Cheri


  1. Worth the five times, it's looking great. Love the centre wreath.

  2. Adding this Toile in the center is a perfect idea !
    Your appliqué is amazing as usual and your blocks stunning !
    Bravo ! :)

  3. What an interesting block. So many different fabrics. I was looking at the variety and like what I see. And love all those bees.

  4. I really like the blue toile. Your bees are lovely, you put a lot of work in fussy cutting and it definitely paid off. You have a lot of patience to change the centers.Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. I like the blue toile as well. Bummer that you had to applique it so many times. It probably won't happen on the other blocks, though. Those tiny petals in the middle required some real appliquing skill. Great job. I've just noticed this pattern showing up several places.

  6. It's hard for me to imagine heat like that! Your blocks both look beautiful! I love the wreaths of coloured leaves. Yes the blue toile is worth it!