Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day

With all the beautiful heart appliqué patterns available I was surprised this morning when the only one I could find on one of my quilts was this one. It is on the first hand appliqué quilt I completed and I believe it was called Country Album. It was a block of the month by Robert Callahan several years ago in McCalls quilting magazine.

I have a new Patchwork of the Crosses ready but I am on hold stitching it, I ran out of thread- how can a quilter let that happen? English paper piecing must be very popular in Omaha because I could not find any dark colors of Bottom Line thread in the local shops and had to order it online.

I am almost finished with my next Benjamen Biggs block but I am thinking of taking the corner rose buds out. They give the quilt a 'busy' look to me and do not really form a secondary design. Gay showed a picture on of the quilt with a simpler petal design on the block intersections. I am also having second thoughts about the block size and even the yellow, just not contrasty enough. So stay tuned, I really like this block of the month but I may just restart the whole thing.

In looking at the photos on my Ipad for this post I saw some recent family pictures that just say LOVE to me,. Here are some of the valentines in my life, starting with me meeting my new grandson Eli last summer.

And big brother and the loving way he handles his new little brother.

My son coming home from a three month work trip and my grandson so happy to see him.

A few weeks ago my daughter had a long lunch break from work and our house is much closer to her work than her own. She still likes to cuddle under one of the quilts and Jasper the dog loves when she comes over.

And finally my best friend, love of my life, husband of almost 42 years, who is willing to stop at any quilt shop, and get involved in anything I try, like making sushi.

Happy Valentines Day to all of you,



  1. A beautiful post! I love your heart block - a gorgeous quilt!

  2. You truly are blessed, so much love in your photos.
    I adore your little Eli, I want to snuggle him up!
    Happy Valentines,