Friday, February 7, 2014

Stitching & Snow

Like most if the rest of the country, Omaha is covered in snow and we have had some bitterly cold days. I can you scrub pants and 8 below zero do not go together. But, in the evenings and on my days off from working at the hospital, I have been getting much accomplished on my current projects. I just finished the first wreath of leaves on the center of Auntie Green's Garden.

I finished stitching the 1792 reproduction sampler by 10 year old Freelove Hazard. I love how she added her numbers (some of them, there is no 5) at the end of random lines of the verse or even down by her name. In true Freelove form I omitted the letter "D" on the first line, I just totally skipped it and did not realize it until I was several lines further. The letter "J" is also missing but that letter was not included in the alphabet samplers of that time. Freelove was stitched with DMC flosses on a white 25 count linen that I tea dyed to give an aged look.

I have my next Benjamin Biggs block all prepped and read to start stitching. I am going to save it for a quilt retreat in a couple weekends.

I have also committed to Lucy Boston's Patchwork of the Crosses. This is my 2nd block, again, prepped and ready to start putting together.

I have seen this bit of advise before but it always tickles me when I read it.

Happy Stitching All

Cheri-whose hair is a wreck, is in slippers, no makeup, and letting her husband make dinner...I am stitching : )



  1. Great projects Cheri. I just love your Auntie Green center. It's just beautiful. I'm ready for the snow to stop, too.

  2. Thanks for the laugh--I'd never get to sew if I had to look put together. Auntie Green is such a lovely quilt--I'll just have to enjoy watching yours come together.

  3. Your Aunty Green center looks gorgeous and so does your embroidery. You have some wonderful projects on the go, I'm going to enjoy your progress.

  4. Great work on Auntie Green. It’s almost time for the next installment.
    If I followed the singer advise I would never get any stitching done. LOL!

  5. I think your Auntie Green looks lovely so far! It's a fun project! The sampler is wonderful - I love that you "aged" it. You have lots of projects moving along I think your mojo must really be back!

  6. Your projects are awesome! Freelove Hazard is just the best name for a sampler

  7. I love your center of Auntie Greens! You have such pretty projects to work on this month. Stay safe! Stay warm!