Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Auntie Green's Center Completed

I have been experimenting with making bias this morning. The next step on Auntie Green's Garden is a large leaf wreath around this basket of flowers. There is a lot of chunky 5/8 inch bias stem in this quilt that will need to be pieced together. In my experience seams do not go through my Clover bias makers neatly. I remember reading about Jeanne Sullivan's technique of double fold bias making in her book Simply Successful Appliqué (a great appliqué reference book) and thought I would do a test.

She brushes liquid sizing down the center of the bias and folds in half and irons.

So far so good. I trimmed the seam dog ears, brushed the sizing on my next fold and pressed in half again, making sure I folded over the raw edges.

Yea, smooth over the seam, I think this will work. I might draw some permanent pen lines on my well stained ironing mat and have some guidelines for the correct width of the stem since I am going to be making so much of it for this quilt.

I also finished my first block in the Benjamin Biggs wedding quilt.

It is a freezing cold morning in Omaha, 5 degrees below zero. I am going to retreat to the sewing room with lots of coffee and start making bias.

Happy Stitching All,




  1. Both applique blocks are so beautiful!!!

  2. Lovely blocks. I have a question for you. Do you have 4 layers of fabric when you finish with the bias? Is it easy to make is go around curves in your design? Thank you.

    1. Yes, 4 layers, and it still bends and curves beautifully. It has also stayed in place on the background with just a few tiny dots of Roxannes glue

  3. Hi Cheri,
    I finished the last stitches on my Auntie Green center last night and spent a few hours today making the large leaves for the wreath. I thought the bias that goes around the wreath was 3/8 “ . I better go check my pattern. I really like the yellow you are using for your Benjamin Biggs quilt.

  4. The pot of flowers is well done. I like the bands of dark color on the lighter fabric that form the pot.

  5. How did I miss this post? That is an interesting way to make bias. I thought 4 layers would be pretty thick but I see from your reply to Cissa that it's very workable. Your blocks both look lovely!

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