Friday, February 1, 2013

Vintage Quilt Kit

My friend Renee, from my applique group, purchased this unfinished quilt top on eBay.  It was just the preprinted top, no applique fabrics, directions, or even a picture of the finished quilt.  She did all of the hand applique and  now has a good portion of the hand quilting finished.  The edges will be cut into a scalloped shape.  Isn't it beautiful.

We have had  fun trying to learn a little more about this quilt.  The edge of the quilt was printed Progress #1376.  Some of the little tidbits we have learned is that the quilt was named Garden Poppies.  The Progress company produced quilt kits between 1923 - 1994. About 135 different patterns have been documented.   They sold to department stores like Macy's and catalog companies like Lee Wards.   Unopened vintage quilt kits from this period sell for upwards of $395.  I looked up Garden Poppies at the Quilt Index and they have two similar quilts made from kits  from the Bucilla company, they were both made in the early 1980s. 

This quilt top was preprinted with a stamped blue ink for the appliques and dotted quilting lines. All of the applique lines have been covered by the applique, but she is a little concerned about the light blue dots for the quilting guide lines.  I think they are hardly noticeable, you have to look hard to see them (like a quilt judge would do if she were to ever put the quilt in a show) and they add to the charm and history of this quilt.  She is willing to wet the top, but just does not want to put the whole thing through the washer at this point.

I have been working on the two latest blocks from the Sally Post Floral Sampler.  I think I only have the greens to finish on these two blocks, then another block becomes available on Saturday over at Sentimental Stitches.  I just noticed on my blog list that Gay over at Sentimental Stitches and Brenda from Dear Jane have come up with another bimonthly Just Takes 2 quilt for 2013.  Schoolhouse blocks with different patchwork blocks on the sides of each school house.  Too, too, cute! 

Happy Stitching All,


  1. The stamped blue pattern may have been intended for embroidery. I remember college friends embroidering tops like this in the '60s. But I love the way it turned out with applique instead...beautiful. I enjoy your blog!

  2. Renee has done a fantastic job on that quilt! It is so pretty!!
    Great for keeping up on your Sally Post blocks!!

  3. What fun to get something like that on Ebay! I have a printed sheet like that somewhere...........

  4. Just a suggestion. I use the blue wash out pens for marking quilting/applique lines. I use a cup of water and a soft paint brush (like an artist or childrens paint brush) and "brush" the lines away as I finish an area.