Sunday, February 10, 2013

18 grapes

I was working on my last border of Ladies of the Sea (pattern by Sue Garman) this weekend . I was down to the last 18 grapes and noticed that crinkly look to my thread that you see at the end of the spool.

Oh no, this close and I did not want have to order more thread to finish these last few grapes.  But, I made it!  The top is finished!

 I have  been working on her a lonnnnng time, about 3 1/2 years, but then I have to give myself credit for all the time she had to sit while I was doing the long arm quilting business.

A little review about her.  The patterns were originally put out by Sue Garman as a block of the month in 2007 and 2008. Each ship is surrounded by a wreath with flowers from the area of each ship's origin.

I bought the patterns as a set in 2009 when they were made available to buy the whole set at once.  The background fabric is a Kona Cotton and all of the applique is with left over Hoffman Bali Batiks in my stash.  I machine appliqued  this quilt using King Tut variegated threads in a small blanket stitch.

There is a lot of hand embroidered detail but I did each ship's rigging with a 12 weight black thread and the straight stitch (straight being the key word where the riggings were concerned) on my sewing machine.  I brought all the starting and ending threads to the back of the quilt and tied them off, threaded the tails in a needle and ran them under a few stitches before clipping, whew, that is probably the part that took 3 years.  

I am so pleased with how she has turned out so far.  I thought briefly about hand quilting her, but I have another hand project I want to start and it makes me a little crazy to have to many projects going on at once.  Today I have raised up my cutting tables on PVC pipe and got the quilt layered and the pinning has started, I will machine quilt her.

I am off to the real sea, for a couple weeks away from the winter weather.  I have still not figured out how to blog from my Ipad so I will be back next month. I am taking my sewing machine and a couple smaller projects with me to the beach house where we will be staying.  I intend to set up in front of a main window and watch my DH fishing, watch the ocean, take lots of walks along the shore, and sew.

Happy Stitching All,


  1. Magnificent! Congratulations on the top all being done, that was quite a feat and it looks amazing.
    Happy holidays and happy stitching.

  2. First congrats on your finish. Gorgeous!!!! I have been using a free app on my iPad to blog. It's called Blogpress. Works well.

  3. It's incredible!! What a relief you had enough thread :0) Congratulations on such a big finish! I hope you have a lovely holiday.

  4. Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment and so beautiful!!
    Have a lovely vacation.

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!! Enjoy your holiday!

  6. Good morning Cheri, your quilt is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

    To blog from your ipad download the app Blogpress, it is not expensive and is good to use.

    Enjoy your holiday, there is no where quite as good as being next to the seashore.

  7. Its gorgeous your quilt..WHere can we get this pattern ? Id love to make this in honor of my 2 grandfathers , one was an admiral in the navy the other one a commander in the navy..Any help is welcomed thanks.

  8. You must be thrilled to have your quilt top finished! It is breathtaking. Enjoy your have earned it!

  9. Wowee!!! it is stunning! congrats!!!

  10. My goodness this quilt is stunning. I have just discovered your blog and am thrilled to be following - your work is lovely! I like the sound of quilting at the beach house ...look forward to seeing your quilting :)

  11. I've been drooling over your quilt all morning. I am thinking (and thinking) about whether I want to buy the pattern set. Will I really every do it and all that. But I am so very tempted by your pictures.

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