Friday, January 20, 2012

An Old Fashioned Quilt Tying

My son in law brought me this denim quilt his Grandmother made him several years ago. The back and edges were wearing thin and he want me to mend it. We decided to put a new fleece backing on it and to keep it the same as his Grandmother had made, I am tying it with yarn. This is the first quilt I have ever tied and I must admit pushing this needle thru the seams is a little hard on the hands.I think I am about to put safety pins where I want the ties and then I am going to take it off the tables and continue the tying in my lap while watching some old movies on the television. It is freezing cold here in Nebraska today, 15 degrees, and it sounds good to have this quilt over me while I work on it and put the new binding on it.

I also did some quilting on this little quilt for one of my daughter in laws friends and then sewed on the binding. I love great big open white squares to put quilting in.

Blogger has been hard to use lately, it will not let me move my pictures around in my post, anyone else having issues?

Have a good weekend all, and happy stitching.Cheri


  1. Dear Cheri--I just found your blog...that denim quilt is so retro--really great--and warm, I bet. Blogger has been funky lately, I find. Sometimes I cannot view other blogs' comment forms--they just disappear...Julierose @ ""

  2. A pair of pliers helps to pull the needle through.
    Your machine quilting looks lovely!