Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Free Motion Quilting Project

Well it is the last day of January and I am barely getting in my January free motion practice piece for SewCalGal's (see the link on my side bar) free motion quilt challenge. This months practice is leaves. The instructor is Frances Moore and she has many more wonderful tips on her blog. My photo does not show the quilting well, or maybe it is my fabric, but the leaf motifs are fun to do, just think hearts. I am looking forward to spending a little of my sewing time practicing some new quilting motifs and techniques.
I am also participating in the Just Takes 2 quilt from Gay at Sentimental Stitches and Brenda at Dear Jane. I am using a turkey red fabric and only have four blocks done, but my annual winter retreat with my quilting buddies is coming up in a couple weeks and I will be working on the blocks then. The eagle is for yet another quilt that I hope to be working on at retreat, the states quilt.I am not getting to my new projects because I have been spending most of my quilting time on Bella Garden, I have the appliques all quilted and the water portions finished and am now starting on the background fillers for the center block. Now I can throw in a few leaves here and there thanks to the Free Motion Quilting Challenge :)

Happy Stitching All,



  1. Hi Cheri--Your Bella Garden is "to die for"00So lovely....I have a really old McKenna Ryan kit with sunflowers on it that I hope to get to this year....so many projects, so little time....Julierose

  2. Beautiful Cheri. I'm looking forward to seeing your project with the eagle come together. Looks great.


  3. Hi Cherie, Your Bella Garden is so beautiful and it reminds me that I'm wanting to learn how to applique. I'm most interested in learning the turn under hand applique method. Can you tell me if a pattern like this could be done that way? Can you tell me what method of applique you're using to make yours? Any thoughts or advice for this quilter who is a newbie applique-er is most appreciated.
    Thanks in advance, Jen

    1. Hi Jen, McKenna Ryan patterns use a technique called raw edge applique and the edges are not turned under. Her patterns instruct you to iron on the pieces with a fusiable material and then sew very close to the edge(1/8 inch) after the top is finished and layered with batting and the backing. You are then appliqueing and quilting in one step. These quilts are strictly wall hanging, not washed. You can read more about her technique on her website: pineneedles.com

    2. Cont. to Jen: For needleturn applique I use a number of techniques, but to begin I loved back basting. google it and you will find a number of blogs with the technique, I even have a post about it (look under labels on the right column) but there are many more detailed out there. When I was starting I got my hands on as many applique books as I could, from my local quild, library, and friends. I also took classes whenever I could. There are also two great DVD's if you want to learn at home on your own time. One is by the Piece of Cake girls and the other is by Elly Seinkiewicz-actually 2 by her a beginning and intermediate. I hope you enjoy applique as much as I do. Keep me posted what project you start :)

    3. Cheri, Thanks for the tons of wonderful info you provided! Your Bella Garden is so beautiful, I just had to purchase it. I found a kit with pattern and laser cut fabric appliques already on fusible sheets pre-cut so I think this will be a great way to begin. (I hope I'm not going to miss the fun of cutting them myself, but plan to do that with future projects). So far, I ordered just the center Bella Garden block. Your explanation on how to quilt it is so helpful as was the pineneedles website. Now I'm curious, are you planning to use monofilament thread on top?
      Thanks for the great info on hand applique techniques too. I'm planning to google and find these videos for future applique projects. Friends of mine have the Piece of Cake Girls video and love it. I got to watch it with them once. I will make it a point to check the other series first so thanks for providing two plus what to Google. You have been tremendously helpful! :)