Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snowed In

I just returned from my annual quilt retreat with my best quilting buddies, this weekend goes by soooo FAST. We go to a state park about 30 miles out of town on the Platte River. We had such a harrowing start to our weekend. The weather forecast was for snow flurries and maybe 1 - 3 inches of “sweepable snow”, not a big deal for February in Nebraska. We all left town about the same time and our short 30 mile drive landed us in the middle of sudden blizzard like icy road conditions and very heavy snow. The visibility was near zero, there were several accidents and cars in ditches, and before long two interstates in the area were closed because of the multiple accidents.

In the end we all made it safely to our cabin in the woods (one of our group of 10 wisely waited until the next day to come out and one of our out of state members was stuck overnight in Kansas City).
We also managed to get all of our sewing machines, ironing boards, Rubbermaid containers of fabrics and projects, food, suitcases, and ourselves safely into the cabin with no falls (albeit a few stuck cars that needed pushes up the hill-it is amazing what quilters can get done).
At that point we realized we were basically snowed in and who really cared, we would figure out how we were going to leave in a couple of days, we had sewing, and visiting to do.

Furniture rearranged to make room for sewing tables and machines,

couches on the edge of the room for hand sewing,

It was fun guys, I miss you all already, we will be back again next February, but I am sure we will remember this retreat for a long time.Happy Stitching,



  1. Just shows what a quilter will do to get to her sewing! Bravo!

  2. Love your attitude! You all look so happy sewing away...who cares what's going on outside!?

  3. Thank goodness you all got there safely, white outs and icy roads are very scary!! Quilters are a determined bunch LOL.