Friday, March 4, 2011

C'mon Spring!

It is a dreary cloudy day in Nebraska, and the weatherman says snow tonight. Really? Yuck! After finding myself in a blizzard last weekend and snowed in at my quilt retreat, we have had some teasingly spring like days this past week. The snow has all melted. C’mon Spring! It is officially 15 days away yet, but C’mon!
So I decided it is time to make a little of my own spring. Friday is my day off, I get lots of sewing done after I race thru my chores like cleaning and grocery shopping. So as I gazed out my sewing room window at the grey day I decided to get out a little glorious color, my Roseville Album blocks. They have been languishing in my sewing room while I have been spending most of my sewing time working on the Civil War Bride Quilt. I really have a lot of them done, and I think I am going to leave them on the cork wall just to enjoy them.
Look at this cute little tote bag my friend Pat brought me from her recent trip to Las Vegas. She knew I like Kaffe Fassett fabric and found this tote bag with Kaffe designs, I love it.
The cloudy day made me think of comfort food and I threw together a huge beef stew and invited a favorite couple over for dinner.
I got some bread bowls from the local bakery to put the stew in. Just to rebel against this wintry day I made one of my favorite summer time desserts, cherry cheesecake. To finish off the menu I got a bottle of wine picked simply because I liked the cork and I collect wine corks.
This is a Riesling called Lucky Duck - note the duck on the cork.
I like to date the corks and then throw them in the cork basket on my coffee table.

So we have a wintry day, I am wishing for spring, and I made a summery dessert, just to confuse my season sense a little more I am working on Santa Baby blocks.
This is a pattern by the Buggy Barn ladies Pam Soliday and Janet Nesbitt. It is from their book Positively Crazy. These blocks are very aptly named (positively crazy) I can only describe them as wonky. Somehow you go from this,
to this,
and finally the best part of the whole process - lining up the diagonal line on the ruler down the center of the block and squaring them up.

Have a wonderful weekend all,


  1. I'm itchin' for spring too! It looks like you are helping it along nicely.
    How was the wine? ;)

  2. I haven't seen the ground for so long I've forgotten what it looks like!! Spring can't come quick enough!! I heard that storms were heading your way, we are getting just the edge of it. At least inside your house looks bright and cheerful :0)


  3. I was looking at the Civil War Bride quilt page, when some color caught my eye to the side and I saw your Roseville blocks and blog mentioned and had to come look. Your blocks look FABULOUS together--I can see why you'll leave them up to enjoy! The santas look fun too--you're obviously planning well ahead for next Christmas!

  4. It's cold and dreary here today. Your blocks made me smile and think of spring. Thanks Cher!

  5. Your Roseville blocks are beautiful. I just love the bright colors in these blocks. I remember looking at your house fabric but didn't buy it because I didn't know how I'd use it. If I see it again I'll buy a little after seeing your block.