Friday, January 7, 2011

Rearranging Blocks

I have finally started quilting YoYoville (a pieced and appliqued quilt from Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs). Because of all the cute little yoyos appliqued on the top I did not want to put this quilt in the long arm and crush the yoyos in the roller bars so I am quilting it on the Bernina.

While I am quilting I keep looking at my finished blocks from the Civil War Bride Quilt I have pinned to my cork tile wall. I am getting close to finishing the blocks and the rearranging of blocks has begun. This is the pattern arrangement:

I kind of like the idea of having the bride with the empty leaf blocks on each side of her, so I also tried pulling the crazy falling bird block down a row and then getting all the fruit blocks on one row:

I also kind of like the four "star" bird blocks kind of in the center and pulling that 3rd vase block down to the bottom row and keeping things nice and symmetrical (type A personality showing):

I just finished that third vase block, I got a little heavy handed with the glue basting and it needed a bath and is currently drying before I trim it and photograph it properly.

Anyway, this is the fun I am having this week in my sewing room. With the new year there are some wonderful new sew along projects, exchanges, and free blocks out there in blog land. Here are some of my favorites:

Lori is sharing a Midnight Star doll quilt. She is such a good teacher.

Sheryl Johnson from Temecula Quilt Co. did a wonderful applique for the 12 days of Christmas called Christmas tide. It is inspired by an antique version of a collage applique quilt.

Christine at http.// is hosting a couple of doll quilt swaps.

Anne Sutton from Bunny Hill Designs gives a free pattern on the 5th of each month and this years quilt is a cute pieced and applique quilt called Henrietta Whiskers featuring a cute little squirrel.

Barbara Brackman has started a new blog commemorating the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the civil war. She will be posting an 8 inch block each Saturday this year. She is a great historian and a great read even if you are not interested in doing the blocks.

Lots of fun opportunities out there in blog land.
Happy Stitching all...


  1. Love your quilt can't wait to see it quilted, I have only stitched one CWBQ block and must get back to it.
    Thank you for the mention on my Doll quilt swap.


  2. I love the CWB quilt and how you are planning to arrange the blocks (it's good to know there are other "A" types out there LOL). You are really into the swing of the New Year :0)


  3. Oh my gosh, That is looking so good! I think you could arrange and rearrange for a long time trying to make it perfect. I know you'll set it just as you want and be happy with it.

    Thanks for mentioning the quiltalong. I never thought of myself as a teacher;)
    Have a wonderful weekend.