Friday, January 14, 2011

DD's trick

The quilting on YoYoville (Pattern by Anne Sutton from Bunny Hill Designs) continues.

I have been spending much more of my quilting time on hand applique and have finished my 18th block for that quilt.I really like to hand applique but now that I have done this many blocks, I must say I have not really improved on leaves. I can turn under the point but the tips look sort of pulled in. What ever...
My dear daughter has a couple of my quilts in her home, strictly on beds or on the couch to cuddle under. She does not like them as wall hangings or table clothes and really has no interest in quilting, so last weekend when she asked me if she could look thru some of my fabric stash I was mildly surprised. She took a few scraps of fabric with her that day and as she was leaving she said she would like a sewing machine. Wow, I immediately started looking on Ebay for a smaller Bernina thinking maybe she is going to start being interested in quilting. On Tuesday she came over and asked if I would help her sew something. This is what she needs the sewing machine for:

Scrapbook pages. Beth is a wonderful scrapbooker and she is working on an album with some of her wedding pictures. (She also crochets and does the cutest hats, check out Hooked with Love on facebook) So for now I will add the fancy stitching on needed scrapbook pages, no need for sewing machine shopping :(
My thoughts and prayers are sent out to all of my quilting friends in Australia, the devastating flooding and loss of life is beyond comprehension. Lizzie has a beautiful post about her beloved country.
Happy Stitching all,

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  1. Your Civil War Bride blocks are wonderful. My daughter is not interested in quilting either. She will look at my projects and give an opinion on fabrics or block arrangement when I ask her, but she is a knitter and I can't bring her into the world of quilting as much as I would like.