Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Picnic Quilt & Another CWBQ Block Completed

I have the picnic quilt finished and on the way to its new owner. It turned out so good, I want to go on a picnic with it.

I usually can not finish a quilt this fast, but I had started the center years ago for another project that really did not turn out the way I planned. All I had to do for this quilt was add the pinwheel border blocks and quilt it. It finished at 72 X 72 inches, a good size for a picnic. Kazumi - I quilted your name in the corner by the purple and green pinwheel block, look for it.

I also have another Civil War Bride Quilt block completed. It is my third block finished and the second block in the quilt.

It is the rather empty block that sits to the right of the bride and was thought to be the space for the groom in the original quilt top at the New York Folk Art Museum. The leaf on the bottom left side is folded back and will go into the next block when they are sewn together. I am still enjoying the back basting method of applique, I do need to work on smoother curves. I did learn a great tip while working on this block: Paint the seam allowance with clear fingernail polish on the inside points to prevent fraying. Fray Check works as well, but spreads onto the main applique piece and seems so much wetter and best of all the fingernail polish was only 99 cents at Walmart. So far I am doing a block a month, I am on to number four.

Happy Stitching All...



  1. Your Picnic Quilt and block are beautiful!
    Bear regards,

    Beertje Zonn
    Bear from the Netherlands

  2. Hello! I just happened upon your blog and I wan to tell you that I love the massive pinwheel blocks in your picnic quilt. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your applique block is pretty and well done.