Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Little Side Job

Somewhere in my quilting history a friend asked me to make her daughter a table runner, another a baby quilt, another a T-shirt quilt. Over time it has turned into a very informal part time business. I am always surprised when someone asks me to make them a quilt, and always feel that the current one will probably be the last one ever and then another one comes along.

My daughter - in - law has a friend who asked if I would make her a quilt to use as a picnic blanket. She asked if I had any 1930s fabric. My friends are laughing here because I have baskets of Aunt Gracie fabrics, I have a guest bedroom referred to as the Aunt Grace room because of it's quilts from 1930s/feed sack type fabric. I also just happened to have a quilt top started using this fabric that never really turned into anything. It has wonderful big blank areas for quilting something fun.

This morning I am working on the remaining pinwheel blocks for the quilt border. I enjoy getting back to the basics of piecing: half square triangles, chain stitching, squaring up the blocks.

Happy Stitching all...



  1. Hello
    My name is Kazumi.

    I'm a your daughter - in - law's friend who did order of a Quilt.

    I look forward to that a Quilt is completed.

    I love the Quilt.In that I like the Sun bonnet Sue with circa 1930.

    I have made some Quilts of small size.

    But I can't make big size Quilt because My Machine doesn't work for stitches of Quilt top.So I have some unfinished works...

    I hope that you show a lot of works with this blog.

  2. Hi Kazumi,
    I am so happy to make this quilt for you. I like Sunbonnet Sue also, my mother made me a Sunbonnet Sue quilt when I was young. Kaori told me you are going to Japan in June, so I will have the quilt done soon. Thank you for the note.


  3. Wow, Cheri, your list of quilts to finish is impressive. I can't imagine doing that much applique! or intricate piecing! They will be beautiful once they are done! Aside from umpteen quilts of my own that I need to quilt, I'm really only working on one project right now. It is "Stars for a New Day" by Sue Garman. It was the 2009 BOM for The Quilt Show...all pieced. I started in January and am doing it in scrappy batiks. I'd love to finish it by fall, but we'll see! :)

  4. Oh, I really like the Ladies of the sea!