Saturday, April 24, 2010

From Flowers to Fish Fins

I am working on McKenna Ryan's latest: Lake Forrest. It never ceases to amaze me what she sees in her fabrics. Who looks at a flower (or designs a flower in a fabric line) and thinks "Hey, this looks like fish fins".

This is just one example, she does this over and over. I have made several of her patterns, they look so difficult but her patterns are great and explain the process well. The fun is after you trace and cut the individual applique pieces you audition it on several areas of the fabric to get just the right look. Her patterns are the one quilts I do with the suggested fabrics by the designer. I usually buy from an online store called Batiks Plus, they kit all of McKenna Ryan's patterns with Hoffman Batiks and include very generous cuts of the fabric so you have plenty of room to do this "auditioning".

I always like when some of the applique in one block spills into the next block or the border and this will happen in a couple areas of this quilt.

I am up to the last block and I am off to find just the right spot to cut out a beaver body from some fabric that looks like tree bark.

Happy Stitching all...


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