Tuesday, March 14, 2017


March finds me back in Nebraska after our winter in Texas and our RV. I am enjoying my bigger sewing room, cutting table, full size ironing board, and more fabric to look through for just the right bit. I have been trimming the many blocks I worked on over the winter and sewing them together. My big finish is the Rowdy Flat Library quilt.

One of the last things I did in the camper was all the inking of the little bees and lady bugs marching around the borders.

I also have all the center blocks of Celebrating Mary Brown finished, trimmed, and sewn together.

There are two rows of 10 inch blocks that surround this center. The blue bird and sunflower blocks are the beginning of the right upper corner of the quilt.

I think I am about half way on this quilt, I am sure I will still be working on it next winter in Texas.

I plan to machine quilt Rowdy Flat and then it will probably go back in the camper. I found a cute flannel with wine corks for the backing and I think it will be a great quilt as both an extra blanket for chilly nights or just to wrap up in. We miss the beach and our winter time spent in Galveston but it is good to be home.

I look forward to spring and gardening, seeing friends and family here in Nebraska and an upcoming quilt retreat. Time flies and soon I will be thinking about the projects beside Celebrating Mary Brown to work on next winter.

Happy Stitching,




  1. love all your quilts in progress...

  2. What lovely quilts. I am amazed at what you got done here in Galveston, Texas and your RV. You are amazing and must be very organized too. Thank you for sharing. I've enjoyed your journey.

  3. Sooo...that is what the rowdy flats quilt looks like finished. I have seen bits and pieces. Your version is just lovely. Lots of nice applique. I love the contrast of the circles and checkerboards and then the individual appliques on the border. Thanks for showing us!
    all you work is lovely.

  4. Wow! You got a lot accomplished and your Rowdy Flat is lovely! The other applique blocks are stunning as well!

  5. Your quilts and work is always stunning and so inspirational. The projects you're working on are all complex and challenging. I'm sure it's nice to be home to get back into your sewing studio .

  6. I bet your sewing room and your stash was a welcome sight! Your Rowdy quilt is lovely! So many wonderful details to enjoy and such happy colors. Your Mary Brown blocks are amazing!!