Friday, August 12, 2016

Machine Quilting

I have done a lot of machine quilting this summer, the biggest project being Roseville album.

Lots of stippling, and applique outlining, a new border pattern. I put my initials and the year in the quilting above the house at the top of the quilt.

When the quilting seems to go on and on the M & Ms come out as a reward system to keep it up :)

I don't think I ever posted the finished pictures on the embroidered linens crazy quilt I was working on earlier this summer.

These were embroidered linens from my Mother that were cut up and put in crazy quilt blocks. it worked best to stipple quilt right over the embroideries to anchor some of those embroidery threads that were cut.

Simple quilting in the ditch and a little heart border.


In the hand applique area I have a couple more Celebrating Mary Brown blocks finished,

or in progress,

or prepped and ready to stitch.

I have also made a couple pillowcases, these are little gifts for some nursing home loved ones. There are lots of instructions to make pillowcases on the Internet, my favorite is the burrito method over on the seasoned homemaker blog:


In the big failure area is my latest Rowdy Flat Library mystery quilt block.

Very pretty block. It was fun to stitch this scrappy block. But even though I sewed it with a small ruler by my machine to keep track of correct seam allowances it turned out an inch to big. I don't know what I am going to do about it but for now it is living in the orphan block bin.

Since I couldn't seem to get that block right I turned my sewing talents to the garden next and strung up some peppers to dry in the kitchen window.

Happy Stitching all,





  1. Your Mary Brown blocks are very nice. I especially like the zigzag fabric for the one bird's wing. I have the pattern and hope to make a block some time soon. Other projects to work on first though.

  2. That heart border quilting is wonderful! A beautiful way to use those embroideries. I love that RFL block - an inch too big - that's frustrating! Lovely appliqué as always :0) Your machine quilting looks very time consuming but it will be so worth it!!

  3. I can't believe you quilted your Roseville Appilque quilt yourself. That's amazing and beautiful. You chose some wonderful designs to include in the backgrounds and borders. I applaud you for tackling such an awesome and huge project! It gets a big WOW!

  4. What lovely projects! Your machine quilting is commendable. I think I need the M&M trick to keep me going when I'm quilting.

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  6. I have been going back through your blog and looking at your Mary Brown blocks. Love them all. I have the pattern set and hope to start it soon.