Sunday, August 23, 2015

In The Middle

Wow, I realized I have not posted anything in over a month. I have been in the sewing room a lot the last few weeks, I am just in the middle of several different quilts. Aunt Green's Garden top is finished and I am working on machine quilting her.

Stonefield's is progressing.

I had to start a little hexagon flower factory so I would have some hand stitching to do in the evenings since Auntie Green's was my hand stitching project I usually did while watching TV.

I also have hand work with Patchwork of the Crosses. This is such a good camper project so I save it for our travels but I am working on the connector blocks now that I have the main crosses blocks finished.

I have joined a paper piecing club at a local quilt shop and PTOC is always packed and ready to go to club.

I also have been thinking about trying to make a simpler Hawaiian quilt that could be machine appliquéd. I had the idea if I could come up with a design that could come together as a four block appliqué I could blanket stitch appliqué it on my home machine.

I saw a layout something like this (center appliqué and wide white borders) at a local department store. So, I was successful, this very large quilt (102 X102) came together in just a couple weeks.

it is pinned and ready be quilted.

Since it is not enough to juggle my sewing time on these quilts I have started a new project. This is a BOM from of Kim Mc Lean's Mariners Compass. It started out as a huge challenge for me. I had to do a broderie perse appliqué from this fabric.

I really struggled with this, I am a "follow the pattern" girl. I felt stressed to get this right, it is the center, the focal center, of the whole quilt. Finally I just cut up all the flower and leaf motifs I could from the fabric. I started laying the pieces out like a jigsaw puzzle until I came up with a little something.

I swear I spent more time on this little 7 inch center than I did on the whole compass.

I need to just leave it alone at this point, I keep trying to tweak it a bit and add a sprig here or a leaf there.

I have been loving this time of year and all the great local farmers' markets. I have been making some jellies and my house smells so sweet with the food dehydrator working on some rhubarb and rhubarb fruit roll ups.

Happy stitching,







  1. Oh all your projects are so lovely--no wonder you haven't had time to blog--and jam making, too?? You are one busy gal. Funny you should say that about being a following a pattern gal; I am just the opposite--i always deviate from a pattern--somehow or other I get moving in a different direction....well, as long as the process is snjoyable, right? hugs, Julierose

  2. WOW! Cheri you have so many amazing projects in the works! I LOVE your Mariner's compass with the broderie perse centre - it looks fantastic. Auntie Green is looking gorgeous. Your Hawaiian quilt came together so fast and it's lovely! You chose such a beautiful background fabric :0)

  3. dear cheri,it looks really good what you achieved,love them all,susi

  4. You may have been quiet, but definitely not idle! Aunt Green's Garden is exquisite and will be more so once you have it quilt. It's really a masterpiece. And your idea for creating a faster method for the Hawaiian quilt is a great success. It's beautiful. Oh, and the mariners compass is fabulous with the broderie perse. You've had a productive summer.

  5. My goodness you have a lot of lovely things to report Cheri! So exciting to see your Auntie Green laid out for quilting - it is beautiful! Broderie perse is not nearly as easy as it looks is it? and it is so hard to stop adjusting and tweaking! yours looks lovely and a great fabric choice to work with.

  6. Wow! I love your variety of projects. Aunty Green looks so good, I am tempted to start it every time I see yours. Love those circles around the Mariners compass.

  7. You have been busy. Your Auntie Green is so pretty. I am still stitching on my top and bottom floral borders and then I have the outside vine. How are you going to quilt yours? By hand or machine?

  8. Hi Cheri You have as much going as I have. I've made a list and am trying hard to finish some things before I start on my Stonefields blocks. You and I could get into a lot of trouble together because I am doing hexagons and POTC. Your broderie perse made me laugh. I have that exact same fabric and have pulled it out and just couldn't figure out where to cut. Yours looks great. I love everything you're doing. I dearly love your Aunty Green.

  9. WOW! You have been working on some wonderful, beautiful and complicated patterns! And succeeding!!