Monday, July 20, 2015

Quilts In The Country

I heard about a local couple, who one Saturday in July each year, open up their farm to anyone who wants to come and see a quilt show.

The Wolfes live on a farm about 20 miles north of Omaha Nebraska surrounded by corn fields.

They turn the front horse pasture into a parking lot and hang about 150 quilts around their farm.


The quilts have a local flavor with deer and pheasants,


and of coarse the state college football team all captured.

There were plenty of older, traditional quilts to see.


Quilts were hung on fences and farm buildings but also on old doors

and gates

and antique bed frames.

The Wolfe's gardens were also beautiful and several antique farm implements were used to hold flowers or decorate flower beds.





Mr Wolfe has made a hobby of making old sewing machines into tractor yard ornaments to sell.


At the end of your walk around the farm was ice tea and lemonade and cookies on the patio outside the old chicken coop. Thank you Wolfe family, my husband and I immensely enjoyed our afternoon seeing your farm!



  1. What a fantastic venue. Are the quilts from a local guild?

  2. Such a nice way to view quilts. I also was wondering how the quilts for display are obtained.

    1. The quilts displayed were from different local quilt groups.

  3. Oh isn't that lovely!! What a great way to view quilts...hugs, Julierose thanks for sharing....

  4. What a delightful event! I kinda reminds me of a similar one I attended once in Bozeman Montana - and I think Buggy Barn does this too (or used to) A beautiful setting and gorgeous quilts! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

  5. It looks picture postcard perfect. What a gorgeous event, and beautiful gardens.

  6. What a wonderful day you must have had. I love those colorful chairs all lined up and the beautiful gardens.

  7. What a fun post...thank you for sharing...I especially love the idea of the quilts displayed on the old bed frames!

  8. love the garden with all the quilts & antiques.

  9. That is so wonderful! I'd certainly support and attend if I was closer!!