Friday, May 2, 2014

All Prepped, Ready To Sew

The flowers are back basted and the various berries and circle flowers are all ready for next section of Auntie Green's Garden.
The next Benjamen Biggs block is a paper cut block, one of my favorite album blocks to stitch. I sat right down and traced out the block and have it all prepped.
Here is another Patchwork Of The Crosses all cut out and ready to be glued onto the paper pieces and stitched.
Spring has FINALLY arrived in Nebraska, my neighbor's cherry tree is all blooms. I have a new buggy wheel I picked up at an antique shop this winter to plant a new clemantis to grow on.
My other neighbor has a blooming crabapple tree.
And my deck flower pots are crying for geraniums and petunias and all the other goodies at the garden store. The day is warming up and I don't think much sewing is going to happen. But soon I will be in a lawn chair enjoying this glorious spring weekend probably with one of the above projects in hand.
Happy Spring,


  1. How lovely to see your green grass and blooming trees - we are still a few weeks away from that here. I don't know how you can resist stitching on your Auntie Green - it's so pretty! Your planters with flowers in them will look pretty too :0)

  2. Spring looks very welcoming over there - and your lawn is so wonderfully green! Beautiful fabrics in your POTC and you have made a very speedy beginning to this month's BBiggs - looks lovely in gold.

  3. Your projects are gorgeous as usual. We are getting tastes and hints of springs.... it sure is slow coming.

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