Sunday, March 23, 2014

March Doings

I seem to be caught up on my block of the month projects...well somewhat caught up. Auntie Green's Garden is growing,

I have the second border sewn on and the next section of appliqué finished in the right upper hand corner. The colors are so soft and subtle, but very pretty fabrics on close up.

Benjamin Biggs block three is finished,

this month took me longer than I expected for what appears to be a simple block. I am sticking with the 16 inch blocks so far. I have been waffling about starting over and making making them smaller, but in the end decided to go with an alternate petal corner design that Gay showed on Sentimental Stitches. The petals go over the block seams so the blocks maybe can be trimmed down an inch or so but that decision will wait until more blocks are completed.

I also have two more Lucy Boston's Patchwork Of The Crosses blocks prepped and ready to stitch together.

This project is where the "somewhat caught up" comes in,

I am much better at cutting up my fabric and glueing on the paper pieces than actually stitching them together.

Happy Spring and Happy Stitchin all,




  1. Cheri, I was wondering if your Auntie Green is a BOM or is it from your stash? Great blending of fabric!!

    1. It is a B O M from homestead

  2. Such lovely projects!! Your Auntie Green is just beautiful so far. I'd love to come over and see in person and up close those pretty fabrics :0) That second Lucy block is wonderful. I find it takes a long time to do EPP stitching too and I wear a hole in my finger from pushing the needle through ( I should learn to use a thimble)

  3. Your Auntie Green is looking great. Did you get your background from Homestead or choose it yourself?
    I also like your yellow Benjamin Biggs. I am going with the little flower buds for my corners but am not too sure how they are going to turn out.

  4. I really love the fabrics on aunties. It's going to be a wonderful quilt. I'm close to finishing block two of bbiggs

  5. Auntie Green is so pretty and feminine looking. Nice!

  6. You have some beautiful and complicated quilting going on!

  7. I just love Auntie Green. It is so tempting. Sometimes I have more EPP glued than actually sewn! How many Lucy Boston blocks are you going to do?

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