Friday, June 28, 2013

And They Sinned

I am at the one month point of ATS ( pattern by Examplar Dames), I started it on Memorial Day weekend, May 25, 2013. This sampler is my focus for this summer. I can not believe it happened but after 20 plus years of quilting I have had a little burn out. I am just not interested at all in quilting. I am slowly finishing Ladies of the Sea, however some weeks I am only at my sewing machine for an hour or so. I find myself reading more and wonder of wonders, cooking, now that I am not quilting as much. I still enjoy browsing all of my favorite quilting bloggers and I have a few pictures of the quilting details I am using on Ladies of the Sea that I will post as I get closer to having her finished.

I feel a real sense of contentedness as I stitch on this sampler. The variegated Gentle Arts Sampler Threads give it a very aged look. I thought the little cherubs were too close in color to my background fabric


so I went online and looked at color charts (the flesh tones in the sampler are actually a DMC floss 950). I decided to outline the skin tones in DMC 3064 which is the medium to floss 950s light in that color. I think it gives the cherubs just a little more definition.

I am currently working on the clouds under the angels on page one of the pattern. My cross stitch really needs help, it is difficult for me to keep my stitches all neat and even in a large filled in area. I am open to suggestions as I feel like I am still a beginner in sampler stitching.


Happy Stitching and Happy Birthday America!




  1. I hope your quilting burnout doesn't last too long. You make such gorgeous quilts!! Your cross stitch looks beautiful to me. You're still keeping your hands busy :0)

  2. It looks lovely to me. It must be a joy to work on this beautiful sampler!